We will carry out a detailed review and analysis of all your existing marketing and provide detailed recommendations to help you grow your business.


FREE Website, SEO, & Marketing Review

We audit your business’s online activity and tell you how your digital marketing is doing. Our detailed recommendation outlines your current activity and provides practical feedback for things to improve on or implement, straight away.
And yes, it is 100% free. We will not give you the hard sell, but if you like to take things further, then all you have to do is ask us to get started!

What are the benefits?

Steps to increase website traffic

Increase Website Traffic & Visitors

Removing errors with a pencil eraser

Identify Errors and get more clarity

Calculating return on investment

Increase your Marketing ROI

Increase Sales With Less Marketing Spend

What’s Included in the Free Review?

In order to help you reach your marketing goals, we will analyze several aspects of the website and current social media presence. The review is a great reference point for prioritizing digital efforts in creating an effective strategy that will best suit what’s needed at this time!

Website Design Review

We assess your website design from the viewpoints of layout, structure, user experience, visuals, typography, responsiveness, and adaptability. A good design website must fulfill your business goal, and make sure that people you are expecting to visit will not be turned away.

Digital & Social Media Presence

Most jewelers have woken up to the power of digital marketing and social media. The problem is digital marketing is not a one-size-fits all approach! We will give you suggestions on what digital marketing or social media strategies to focus on for YOUR business.

Competitor Analysis

Are you curious how your marketing compares to your competitors? We will look at your most successful competitors’ digital strategies, SEO or PPC campaigns. We find their successes you can replicate and their weaknesses you can exploit to gain the advantage.

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How does the Free Review Work?

When you request your free marketing review, we will ask you few simple questions about your business, website & marketing goals.

Once we have your details, we review your online activity by area – web design, content strategy, and social media performance. Our experts will look for opportunities to make improvements and schedule a Zoom call with you explaining how you are doing and what you could be doing better.

The review is completely free of charge. If, after seeing the review, you decide to become a client of Jewelry Posters, we will help you to implement all the recommendations made.

If you choose not to hire our services but are completely happy with your review, we would be thrilled to have your honest feedback via a company review.

If you have made it this far, you’re probably ready for us to take an outside look into your digital marketing strategies. So, go ahead and request your Free Marketing Review Now!

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